• What if your water
    network could predict
    the future? Now, it can.
  • A scalable, smart
    water software that
    starts where you are.
  • Smart Outage is here.
    Respond to incidents faster,
    keep customers in service.
  • Manage risk.
    Anticipate change.
    Be prepared.
  • Access your data,
    communicate, and
    solve problems.
    Anywhere, anytime.
  • Asset management,
    purpose-built for
    utilities by water
    industry veterans.
  • Operate as one utility.
    Be more, together.


Functional Groups
Water Quality
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – manage your utility as one – and boost morale, performance, and your ROI.
  • Quantify decision making, maximize benefits to CIP
  • Define, monitor and visualize key performance indicators
  • Predict and prepare for operational events and emergencies
  • Stay connected and communicating with your system and staff
  • Automate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or custom reporting
Plan, prioritize, and provide operational support with greater confidence and efficiency. See impacts across the water network, not just in real-time – but ahead of time.
  • 20% benefit to asset replacement
  • Risk-based decision support
  • Increased ROI for capital projects
  • Simple-to-perform water system simulations
  • Real-time, field-validated system performance
  • Connected, coordinated responses to system events
Know how your decisions will impact facilities, customers, energy, quality, and your bottom line – with the numbers, and situation, well in hand.
  • 15% Energy reduction
  • Significantly reduce/defer capital costs of system monitoring
  • Perform real-time simulations to predict outcomes across network
  • Prepare for/respond to system outages and emergencies
  • Use SCADA analytics to manage facility performance
  • Recognize and address system failure, before failures occur
Get more done than ever, with the same invaluable resources – connect to the field and the rest of the team, and increase morale, transparency, accountability, and productivity.
  • Improve productivity by up to 20%
  • Reduce non-revenue water/water loss
  • Send/receive map-based field alerts for cross-department event notification
  • Visualize critical valves/pipes dynamically, based on operational changes
  • Understand outcomes before touching assets
Customer Service
Have the answer before you get the call – while providing service that cuts time, costs, and complaints.
  • Reduce customer response time from 60 days to < 1 day
  • Reduce water loss by proactively addressing field incidents
  • Identify leaking/broken meters in real-time for immediate attention
  • Detect backflow events/irregular consumption before a problem occurs
  • Reduce non-revenue water, increase revenue, and prioritize maintenance
  • Influence customers’ water usage
Water Quality
Flush more efficiently and accurately, with greater benefits. Track down contamination. And make compliance easy.
  • 12% Compliance and chemical savings
  • Automate field data entry
  • Monitor water quality sampling
  • ID areas of poor water quality, dead-end mains, and slow turnover
  • Predict water quality issues
  • Instantly notify field crews or office staff of data anomalies, quality breaches
  • Respond to contamination events
East Bay Municipal Utility District Selects Sedaru for Real-time Operations

May 8, 2018

“Sedaru software has connected us to our data, from GIS to AS/400 customer data, to our system hydraulics. It’s been exciting to see our staff’s efficiencies increase with instant access to better information.”

Mary Trahan, Operations Manager - Consolidated WaterWorks, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana