Sedaru Live! 2017

Nov 27, 2017
Nov 27, 2017
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Sedaru Live!

Sedaru Live! is a fun, informative series of talks about issues impacting the utility industry. Join Sedaru’s experts Adam Simonsen and Kevin Koshko as they discuss how utilities are using technology to modernize their operations. They will focus on helping utilities plan and execute digital transformation strategies. Sedaru Live! will discuss integrating data in real-time, optimizing work in the field, running predictive analysis, and more.


Previous Episodes of Sedaru Live!

Has Your Master Plan Become a Turkey Sandwich?

Thanksgiving leftovers are great: turkey sandwiches, cranberry sauce, and stuffing taste amazing, but only for a few days. Pretty quickly, they just turn old and stale. Has the same thing happened to your 4-inch thick master plan?
Watch Adam and Kevin to learn how Sedaru CIP delivers a fresh aproach to master planning that can help your utility  revolutionize asset management with a dynamic, real-time master plan.                                     


Scary Good Sewer Collection Management

Manhole inspections, pipe cleaning, sewer overflows, and outdated infrastructure improvement plans can spook even a seasoned pro. Adam and Kevin show how Sedaru enhances field work orders, asset management, and proactive infrastructure O&M on this terror-ific Sedaru Live! 


Seriously, Why are you STILL Using Paper in the Field?

It's 2017 and you're still using paper. Paper map books are under the seat in every utility owned truck. Paper forms on clipboards still get filled out in the field. With all of today's technology, we want to know why.

Join Adam and Kevin as they show how Sedaru can help you move your utility into the 21st century.


Leak Management and Water Loss Reporting

Tracking and responding to leaks and breaks is becoming an issue of great concern as water infrastructure ages.  Watch Adam and Kevin show how utilities can track issues in real-time, optimize response to outages and report on water-loss to track non-revenue water and satisfy regulatory requirements.




About Sedaru: Sedaru is developed, owned, and operated by IDModeling, Inc., with a background in hydraulic modeling and integrated information systems to enable decision support for utility operations and planning.  IDModeling serves utility customers throughout the United States, and brings expertise in GIS, hydraulics, water/wastewater/utility operations, field mobility, system integrations, and asset management, replacement & prioritizations.  It’s this background that created Sedaru, to See Data Run. 

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