Why Sedaru?

WHY SEDARUSedaru –Management Solutions for the Smart Water Network
What Sedaru Can Do For You

Why Sedaru?

When utilities need to make the right decisions, Sedaru is What Happens Next™. Providing utility intelligence to water industry professionals, SaaS (software as a service)-based Sedaru helps organize and connect every service, every department, and every system in your water network – so that actions can be prioritized. By sharing predictive analytics across the utility, you can be more accountable – for all your capital investments, for the actions your personnel take, and for the impacts your operations have on customers, finances, and the environment.

What functional group are you?

Water Quality

Sedaru provides real-time communications, advanced analytics and predictive capabilities that benefit individual functional groups and departments within your utility.

A dashboard all your own.

Using Sedaru’s intuitive and portable interface, you can easily monitor and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) on your own customizable dashboard screen – in the office or in the field, on your mobile device.


“Sedaru makes it easy to see what happens when we close pipes or valves in our system. Our Operations Manager – who’s not a tech guy – is excited that he can now run 'what-if' scenarios.”

George Cardenas, Engineering Manager, Phelan Pinon CSD - CA